Ernest Cookson Assessment Centre

Contact Details:

Ernest Cookson Assessment Centre

Mill Road


L6 2AS

Phone - 0151 233 6467

Ernest Cookson Assessment Centre (formerly PEC) is a primary Pupil Referral Unit providing support for children experiencing significant Social, Emotional or Mental Health difficulties in their mainstream primary school.

We take children from maintained primary schools in Liverpool. We have small classes, normally with a maximum of eight children: each class typically has one teacher and one learning support assistant. A placement generally lasts for a maximum of three terms until a suitable school is allocated.


Ernest Cookson School supports:

·      Pupils who have been permanently excluded from mainstream primary school.

·      Primary aged pupils displaying Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties in their mainstream school within       Liverpool.

·      Pupils who have received fixed-term exclusions from school or whose escalating behaviour difficulties are placing them at serious risk of exclusion.

·      Pupils who are at risk of failure at school through disaffection


Our service provides an alternative education for students whose mainstream learning has ended as a result of permanent exclusion for a limited length of time. On occasion, the exclusion can be the result of a serious ‘one-off’ misdemeanour, but more often, it is as a result of persistent noncompliance, often accompanied by serious Social, Emotional and Mental Health barriers to learning. Many students have literacy levels below national averages (which often accounts for disengagement with learning) and/or learning delayed in other subjects as a result of poor attendance at school. Thus, literacy skills, attendance and behavioural, social and emotional needs are at the forefront of the vulnerabilities of pupils who attend the Ernest Cookson Assessment Centre and form the main focus of work to close gaps in progress and achievement. Our aim is to assess pupil needs and to prepare students to re-integrate either back into a mainstream school or into an appropriate special school.